IDC (Re: Archive 5945C)

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Feb 27 23:03:04 2004

> Tony....
> >>> I would suspect that ... it's the female part that wears out.
> >>> the male part ... not likely to show much wear
> While this may be true, it is usually a bad experience when the male part
> gets severely bent or broken.......

It's not _that_ hard to replace. The trick, of course, is to cut the male
connector apart while it's still soldered to the PCB, and desolder it a
bit at a time.

If it's a straignt, vertically-mounted connector (not the right angle
type), it's often possible to desolder individal pins and push them out
of the moulding while hot. Then you can solder in a replacement pin,
taken from another connector.

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