Linux Box + DOS 3.2 box + (1)5.25 floppy drive (okidata 3305BU) = HELP!!!!!!!!

From: Lyos Norezel <>
Date: Sun Feb 29 23:52:17 2004

Fred Cisin <> wrote:
The II is much lighter and more portable than the original Compaq
"Portable" (aka "luggable") or the "Portable 286", which many of
us WERE/ARE crazy enough to lug around.

LOL... Somehow this doesn't supprise me... also Sellam's website "" lists the Compaq Portable II as a 286 machine... but the one I have is a 386 machine. Maybe this machine was upgraded by the user? Also this same machine has 1180 (last digit may or may not be right) KB of ram. Amazing... I pulled it's memory board to look at it and it only has half the slots filled with memory chips... I'll have to see if I have any equivelant chips.

If the loop is during AUTOEXEC.BAT, then Ctrl-Break or Ctrl-C
will work (the ap presumably uses Int 21h fn 0 - 0Ch functions)
to stop the attempt and get you to the prompt. If the loop is during CONFIG.SYS, then the keyboard is not likely to be any help in stopping it. LATER versions of DOS added capability of bypassing CONFIG.SYS through keyboard intervention.

I managed to bypass whatever was running by using CTRL-screen lock (break) combo... the only problem is is that it immediately ran and refused to let me stop it. So now I have a paperweight instead of a computer. LOL... it figures.

The Compaq Portable II will always attempt to boot from floppy before booting from the hard drive. THEREFORE, what you need is a boot disk. Any version of DOS from 2.00 through 7.xx, on either 360K or 1.2M (the USUAL floppy on a Portable II is a 1.2M) Or you could open it up and install a 3.5" drive. The Compaq uses Torx head screws throughout. If you don't have Torx bits, then LEAVE IT ON THE SHELF UNTIL YOU DO! (I repaired a Portable on a picnic table in Hawaii using Vise-Grips 5WR, and do NOT recommend it!)

Too late... I used needle nose and a couple different hex type drivers... and one mini flat-head (glasses repair type)... and a phillips. Worked pretty well... except for one screw that refused to budge... ended up drilling the damn thing.

DOS 3.20 supports 720K, but if you "upgrade" to 3.30, then you could use a 1.4M. If you go that route, use COMPAQ 3.31, or COMPAQ 5.00 (MODE.COM is DIFFERENT from the MODE.COM on any other "brand" of MS-DOS!) 3.31 or higher will also permit you to use hard drives larger than 32M. If you ignore this advice and install a non-Compaq DOS on it, at least save a copy of your MODE.COM.

Where would I find Compaq Dos?

Absolutely. The Compaq uses Torx head screws throughout.
If you don't have Torx bits, then LEAVE IT ON THE SHELF UNTIL YOU DO!

Again...oops... LOL

I do not consider a 1.2M drive to be "ancient".
They didn't even come out until 1983.

LOL... by today's standards even yesterday's PC is "ancient"

> Can this be done or am I, for all intensive purposes, screwed?

What the heck's that supposed to mean?

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