Musings on 2003

From: James Rice <>
Date: Thu Jan 1 19:42:56 2004

The year 2003 was a pretty good year for me. My Sgi collection grew
from 1 to 15 units (8 are Iris Indigo's from 1992-93 and are now
properly "on topic"), Sun's from 3 to 9, I've lost count of Mac's and
Mac clones and I gave my Amiga's away to another collector, I finally
got that Daystar Millennium that had proved so elusive, my NeXT (all
NeXT's are now on-topic) collection grew from 3 to 5 with a ton of new
documentation, software and accessories, and I still have not found my

I have also had to come to grips with the fact that my space is not
infinite. I'm getting better organized, but stuff came in faster than
it could be repaired, restored, cataloged or even stored properly. I've
started considering purchases more carefully, not just grabbing every
thing that crosses my path. Target has probably doubled the sale of
Sterlite bins in the State of Texas because of my efforts to sort and

Most of all this year has taught me just how much I have to learn to be
able to put all of my collection to productive use. I also need to
thank my beautiful and patient wife, who didn't even flinch when a semi
pulled up to our driveway and dumped three pallets of Sgi equipment
behind her Volvo. She has also learned not to question why I need to
make a no notice 800 mile round trip to rescue a homeless workstation.

To all my fellow collectors, I wish you a Happy New Year. May you find
what ever you are seaching for and at a cost much less than you were
prepared to pay for it!

Director of The Texas State Home for Wayward and Homeless Computers

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