new year clearout 2004 and looking for..

From: Rob O'Donnell <>
Date: Thu Jan 1 21:38:23 2004

At 15:35 01/01/2004 +0000, stuart wrote:

>I'm still on the lookout for:
>ACT Sirius

is that a "Sirius 1" ?
-edit- a quick google and yep, I presume it is...

If so... I *had* two... a twin floppy-with-external-hard disc and a
single-floppy-with-internal-hard-disc unit. One of them might still be at
my parents house, and one of the might still be in my ex-wife's attic room,
if she's not chucked it along with everything else I left in there...
(grr.) I will make enquiries in both directions. Both in NW UK too, so
you might be extra lucky !

I think I do still have some of the system software here, though, DOS 1.x I
believe, some applications, utilities, etc. Also have a copy of BOS, an
alternate operating system which was an interpretative system that ran a
number of cobol based business applications (and which is still going
strong, although they've moved on a bit since.) All that will be buried in
the boxes, though, but if it's the right machine, and the machines are
still where I last left them, I'll dig them out too.


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