211BSD install

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Fri Jan 2 12:08:28 2004

>I'm also assuming that I will need to get a TK50, a TK70 or the like. I'm
>going to be installing this system with a SCSI controller that speaks MSCP
>and (hopefully) TMSCP, and I was really hoping that I could get away with
>creating the installation tape with the SCSI DAT drive I have...

I'm definitely not the right person to be making comments about 2.11BSD, however, I don't see why a SCSI DAT Drive wouldn't work in place of a TK50. I've installed RSTS/E and some of the layered products from DAT tapes. Though I still can't get DECnet/E to install from a DAT... (been threating to get back to working on that this weekend)

Based on what little I've looked at 2.11BSD (I've never gotten it installed), I think that you can simply build the tape on a Unix box following instructions that are out there. I ran into two problems, I was trying to build the tape on a VMS box, and my SCSI controller wasn't supported at the time.

BTW, if you're going SCSI, a TZ30 would be a potential option instead of a TK50 (though I prefer cleaning TK50 drives to TZ30 drives).


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