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Date: Fri Jan 2 12:19:46 2004

On Wed, 2003-12-31 at 10:19, Philip Pemberton wrote:
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> Paul Berger <sanepsycho_at_globaldialog.com> wrote:
>> He may be crazy keeping it running, but he's my sort of crazy.
> Mine too. "Damn those new fangled uber-servers! This 20-year-old PC/386
> cluster will do just fine!"

He converted it from a system pretty much as you describe at it's peak
it consited of 5 novell severs with a total of 40+ hard drives and over
100 PCs (bare motherboards actually) networked together in racks made ot
of plywood with slots cut in them to slide the motherboards into. It
was an interesting artitechture and the main reason it was as scaleable
as it was.

January 1st 1999 it access to the BBS was made free and at the same tme
it was announce it was scheduled to be shut-down in June of 1999 over
possible Y2K issues. In late 2000, seeing the BBS survived Y2K
unscathed, some of the few remaining employees converted the BBS to just
one server with four 73gb drives and five & telnet and five dial-up
nodes for the few people that still used it. This is how it sat till
the middle of 2003 where it apparently started having problems and was
down most the time.

As I mentioned at this point Curt at this time decided to give it a new
home and is currently in the process of setting it up in his basement.
The e-mail I recied from him indicated he planned on having it running
and available early January.

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