VT340 information

From: Antonio Carlini <arcarlini_at_iee.org>
Date: Sat Jan 3 06:01:15 2004

> I'm also interested in this information, and haven't yet
> found anything online.

I don't think the VT340 programming manual is online, although
http://vt100.net does have the graphics programming manual up.

> Also, if anyone turns up a service manual for a VT340, I'd
> like to obtain a copy.

Again vt100.net has the VT330 pocket service guide, which might
at least provide some clues.

If Fred reads this, I expect he'll point you to links for:

 EK-VT340-IP-003 VT340 VIDEO TERMINAL Illustrated Parts Breakdown
 EK-VT34R-SV-001 VT340+ Model G Service Guide
 EK-VT330-IP-003 VT330 VIDEO TERMINAL Illustrated Parts Breakdown
 EK-VT330-PS-002 VT330 Pocket Service Guide
 EK-VT33R-SV-001 VT330+ Models G, H, and J Service Guide

Otherwise, email me in a few days and I'll see how big they are
and find some suitable way of getting the ones you want to you.


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