Apple Corvus Constellation III v3 info?

From: Harve B Thorn <>
Date: Wed Jan 7 21:23:04 2004


I have a dozen Apple IIe's "Appletalked" onto a Corvus hard drive.(Corvus
Omnidrive SN 398-GM0230-P Rev C --- Mod 74 MB7 - Omninet) but do not
have any documentation at all for the Corvus...

HD Software is Constellation III V3. No documentation for that either!

Right now, everything works just fine.

The HD is loaded with mostly MECC educ software.

I have a filing cabinet of Apple software and would like to add some of
it to the HD.. I would like to dump some of the software that is
presently on the Corvus.

Appreciate hearing from anyone with any info about this drive or the HD
software, or from anyone that might know how to manage the Corvus.

Many tks any help!


Harve Thorn
Fayetteville, AR

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