MicroVax II, KZQSA, RZ74

From: Antonio Carlini <arcarlini_at_iee.org>
Date: Thu Jan 8 02:05:10 2004

> hardware. There seemed to be some debate
> as to whether the KZQSA can be used or not for hard drives.
> Has anyone else reading this list
> managed to conclude whether this will work or not? Will it
> fit in a BA23 cabnet? Will an RZ74 work
> with the MicroVax II if the board fits and is suitably configured?

You can use the KZQSA for disks but it was never supported or
recommended because it was too slow to be useful (or at
least OpenVMS felt that way). AFAIK, it does work.

Whether you can boot off it or not depends on your systems
console firmware.

All the KZQSAs I ever saw came with the S-box style handles.
This means that it will not work in a BA23 or BA123 case. It
was designed for the BA200 series.

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