the computer gods giveth, and take away (mild humor/angst)

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Jan 8 06:56:59 2004

At 09:07 AM 1/8/04 +0000, Stan Barr wrote:
>Chad Fernandez <> said:
>> Wow Tony, you fix cars but don't drive? Where in Europe are you? Is
>> everything really that packed together that you can walk, ride a bike,
>> or take a bus?
>I don't drive, but I fix cars too - in fact I've built one from scratch!
>I live on Merseyside and public transport works qiuite well (I *have* to
>say that - I worked for Local Govt transport!). Anyway all my friends
>have cars :-)
>I used to ride a motorcycle though, still got 3 engines, 2 gearboxes
>and a frame etc. somewhere - Ariel single-cylinder if anyone's
>wants to know.

  An Ariel???? How old is that thing? I haven't heard of an Ariel in AT
LEAST 30 years.

  I still have a 1972 Ossa Stiletto and 1980 something Honda 500 but I
seldom ride them any more. Traffic is just too crazy her in Orlando. Plenty
of cars in the familty. Just went out and bought a new Hyundai Elantra for
my son two weeks ago. Bought cars for both the other kids and my OL has one
and I have a truck.

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