the computer gods giveth, and take away (mild humor/angst)

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Thu Jan 8 07:43:22 2004

Now This is Cool.... somebody on a non-motorcycle list that know what an
Ossa is! I just bought a pair of Ossas a week ago. I bought an 74 SDR
and a 75 Phantom. The SDR is pretty much complete, but does need work.
  The Phantom was ridden pretty hard and could really use a full
restoration. I also have a 68/69 Pioneer that I took apart when I was
16. I'm just starting to buy parts for it now, and hope to have it
ridable this summer.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Joe wrote:
> I still have a 1972 Ossa Stiletto and 1980 something Honda 500 but I
> seldom ride them any more. Traffic is just too crazy her in Orlando. Plenty
> of cars in the family. Just went out and bought a new Hyundai Elantra for
> my son two weeks ago. Bought cars for both the other kids and my OL has one
> and I have a truck.
> Joe
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