Webster SRQD11-B and DEC RD-54

From: Christopher McNabb <cmcnabb_at_4mcnabb.net>
Date: Thu Jan 8 18:06:50 2004

I've been trying to get an RD-54 to work with an SRQD11-B Controller. I
finally figured out the the SRQD11-B wants the drive to be select to
either 1 or 2, instead of 3. I now have another, more troublesome,

The drive acts like it is selected to both 1 and 2 at the SAME TIME!.
An access to either will illuminate the drives activity light.
Everything hangs after that. The controller works fine with a Quantum
Q540 drive. So, is there some kind of Jumper or something on the RD-54
that would cause this kind of behavior?

I will probably bring the drive home this weekend and try it on an
RQDX-3 just to see if I get the same problems. Of course, I'll change
the drive select to 3 first.
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