Webster SRQD11-B and DEC RD-54

From: Christopher McNabb <cmcnabb_at_4mcnabb.net>
Date: Fri Jan 9 21:09:09 2004

Christopher McNabb wrote:

> I will probably bring the drive home this weekend and try it on an
> RQDX-3 just to see if I get the same problems. Of course, I'll change
> the drive select to 3 first.
OK, I brought the RD54 home and hooked it up to the RQDX3 in my
PDP-11/83. The 11/83 also did not recognize it at first. I booted
XXDP25 off of an RL02 and ran ZRQCH0.BIN to do a low level format of the
drive. That worked well and the drive now passes all tests. I'll
reconnect the drive to the SRQD11-B when I get back to work and see if
it will now recognise the drive. If so, I'll be able to put BSD211 on
it. If not, I guess I have a 2nd RD54 for my PDP-11/83, and will have
to use the RD52 in the 11/73 at work with some other (smaller) O/S.
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