MicroVax II, KZQSA, RZ74

From: Charles H. Dickman <chd_1_at_nktelco.net>
Date: Thu Jan 8 21:05:29 2004

Antonio Carlini wrote:

>>hardware. There seemed to be some debate
>>as to whether the KZQSA can be used or not for hard drives.
>>Has anyone else reading this list
>>managed to conclude whether this will work or not? Will it
>>fit in a BA23 cabnet? Will an RZ74 work
>>with the MicroVax II if the board fits and is suitably configured?
>You can use the KZQSA for disks but it was never supported or
>recommended because it was too slow to be useful (or at
>least OpenVMS felt that way). AFAIK, it does work.
>Whether you can boot off it or not depends on your systems
>console firmware.
>All the KZQSAs I ever saw came with the S-box style handles.
>This means that it will not work in a BA23 or BA123 case. It
>was designed for the BA200 series.
The non-S-box version does exist though... I have one. According to
the field guide, M5976-AA has the board spine with straight handles,
and M5976-SA is S-box.

Still, it seems only useful with VMS. I experimented with it in an MV-II
and the latest openVMS version at the time. I attached a CD-rom and
also a SCSI disk. I don't know VMS at all and so didn't pursue it any

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