DDC BUS-65517 1553 card

From: Andrew Prince <freddyboomboom_at_comcast.net>
Date: Thu Jan 8 21:40:29 2004

Mil-Std-1553... *shudder*

Not just on F-15's.

The AN/USM-429 CAT IIID (V)1 (made by Grumman Aerospace) had a 1553 bus
test unit as one of the "building blocks". It also had an HP 1000 E
series for the computer, and an HP 7906 disc drive for the software.

Visit http://www.1553-mil-std.com/mil-std-1553-tutorial.html for more
info on the 1553 data bus...


On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 14:17, Joe wrote:
> They're probably not much use to you. The 1553 bus is used on aircraft
> (and spacecraft?) to let the different systems talk to eadh other. I've
> never heard of them being used elsewhere except for test stations for
> testing the avionics systems. I have some 1553 cards for the PCs and I got
> the hard drive with SW from one of the PCs but I've never tried to do
> anything with them. The one HD that I have came from a test station used to
> develope SW for the Lantirn system (see F-15 for more info). It's pretty
> interesting because it has some simulations on that were used for testing
> the Lantirn pods.
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