Egregious VMS newbie questions

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Sun Jan 11 13:19:13 2004

On Sunday 11 January 2004 13:14, John Lawson wrote:
> Thanks to Mr. Finnegan - I have a nice VAXstation 3100 Mod 38 running

: ) I can answer some of this..

> Hobbyist VMS V7.2 - sitting here whirring away. As I observed to him
> - it's interesting to have a DEC machine in my collection that weighs
> *less* than I do.
> So now my untutored Quesions am:
> Can this be done:
> VAXstation --> Ethernet -->[???]<-- Ethernet <-- cablemodem <-- the
> Net.
> What adapts Thin Ethernet coax to Cat5?

You've got about two (simple) options:

One involves finding either a box to convert this specifically (I've got
one somewhere, it's about the size of a 2U rackmount ethernet hub)... I
think it's called a "bridge". Or, you can just find a 10BaseT ethernet
hub that has an AUI port and get a 10Base2 (coax) transciever to put on

The next option, which might be simpler, is to just get an 10BaseT AUI
transciever and put it on the VAXstation's AUI port (and make sure to
switch it from BNC to the AUI port for networking on the back).

> More specifically to download/install freeBSD perhaps...

I think you actually want NetBSD (or possibly OpenBSD). I'm pretty sure
FreeBSD doesn't run on VAX.

> And, furthermore: MY VMS experience was sketchy at best, mostly
> desultory playing with a uVAX II that Hans now has - and I have no
> doc at all right now.

Most to all of the OpenVMS documentation is online there.

> What is the system called that VMS uses to chain all the DCL
> commands to auto-execute at startup? I wanna edit a lot of them out
> - especially right now it's looking for a cluster it can't find, and
> periodically (every 15 mins) complains of "too few servers".

SYS$SYSTEM:STARTUP.COM from what I see on google.
My memory also says SYS$MANAGER:SYSTARTUP.COM, so try there as well.

> Thirdly/finally: Anyone got a VMS Grey Wall they'd like to unload
> cheap? I'll pay for the books, packing and shipping to zip 89706
> (Carson City, NV).

Well, that I can't really help you with. I just got my own Orange
wall. : ) But, you can look at the docs at the hp site above, which
are going to be more up-to-date than anything else.

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