Egregious VMS newbie questions

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Jan 11 12:14:20 2004

Thanks to Mr. Finnegan - I have a nice VAXstation 3100 Mod 38 running
Hobbyist VMS V7.2 - sitting here whirring away. As I observed to him -
it's interesting to have a DEC machine in my collection that weighs *less*
than I do.

 So now my untutored Quesions am:

Can this be done:

VAXstation --> Ethernet -->[???]<-- Ethernet <-- cablemodem <-- the Net.

What adapts Thin Ethernet coax to Cat5?

 More specifically to download/install freeBSD perhaps...

 And, furthermore: MY VMS experience was sketchy at best, mostly
desultory playing with a uVAX II that Hans now has - and I have no doc at
all right now.

  What is the system called that VMS uses to chain all the DCL commands to
auto-execute at startup? I wanna edit a lot of them out - especially
right now it's looking for a cluster it can't find, and periodically
(every 15 mins) complains of "too few servers".

Thirdly/finally: Anyone got a VMS Grey Wall they'd like to unload cheap?
I'll pay for the books, packing and shipping to zip 89706 (Carson City,


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