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Date: Mon Jan 12 13:24:30 2004

"Barrie Carruthers" <barrie_at_precisionmicro.co.nz> wrote:
> Hi am looking for an hp 85 cpu
I don't think much of your chances of finding just the chip. There
are many of them around, but in most cases they are attached to an
HP Series 80 machine.

> the cpu was made by capricorn , lots of differen't definitions
> or the cpu on the internet.
The chip was made by HP. Its product name was Capricorn.

> is there possibly a modern chip that could be used in place of it ?
Ha! The HP Series 80 architecture specifies 4 12V clocks! and 6V logic.
However, since we are talking about 20 year old technology, I am sure
you can EMULATE an HP-85 CPU using a modern processor.

> any help or information would be appreciated
First a little self-promotion: lots of info on the Series 80 may be
found at www.series80.org, but the most important reference is the
HP-85 assembler manual (its in the CDROM collection of the Museum of HP
Calculators along with the HP-85 service manual: http://www.hpmuseum.org)
I have the HP-86 assembler manual, but I have not got around to scanning
it yet.

There are a couple of HP Journal articles on the Series 80
(also in the CDROM collection above), e.g.
HP Journal Aug 1980, pp. 18-22 (brief discussion of the chip set).
HP Journal Jul 1980, (whole issue dedicated to the HP-85).
HP Journal Dec 1982, (article on the HP-86/87 memory architecture).
HP Journal Jun 1983, (discusses HP-75 which has a CMOS version of the
                      series 80 processor architecture)

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