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Hi John,

> I thought that you might be interested to know that I used to work for
> CPT (from 1980 - 1987) and was there (and worked in production) while
> the 8000 series was being manufactured.

Excellent! You're the 2nd CPT employee that's found me. Someone called Josh
on another messageboard said his Mum worked for CPT and wrote a lot of their
applications - does a woman like that jog any memory for you?

> A couple of corrections to your information:
> 1. CPT was based in Eden Prairie Minnesota, not Michigan.
> 2. CPT was founded by Dean Scheff, not Dick Eichorn. Dean started the
> company in 1971, and the original product was a cassette tape base
> memory add-on for IBM Selectric typewriters (The name CPT originally
> meant Cassette Power Typing).

Thanks :) I know I shouldn't believe what I read in the online press, which
is where my info came from, but when it's all you've got.....

> shared disk system, the Phoenix (word processing with graphics) and the
> 9000 series (a low profile replacement for the 8000 series that utilized
> the Intel 8086 processor.

I've added that to my CPT page but I'll need your go-ahead to put it on the
web. I was planning to pass this machine onto another collector but now that
more and more info is coming in about it I have to keep it :) Hells, one of
these days I might even find a keyboard for it!

> If I dig into my archives I could probably find printed articles and
> sales brochures, let me know if you would be interested in any scanned
> images of this information.

Yes please, John. That'll be great.

> PS, as I was writing this email to you I was enjoying some coffee from
> my 1986 vintage CPT 1971-186 15 Years of the Best cup that was given to
> all CPT employees at the time. I've used it nearly every working day
> since it was given to me.

Heh! I still rue the day an unfortunate incident meant one of my Digital
mugs became an 8-bit item :-/


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