Yamaha DX7 II-FD [was Re: Classic Sound Cards?]

From: Brian Chase <vaxzilla_at_jarai.org>
Date: Mon Jan 12 16:25:53 2004

On Mon, 12 Jan 2004, The Design Fort DTP wrote:

> "Old" Synths like the Roland D-50, the Kawai K1 or the Korg M1 still
> fetch great prices on ebay and are a pleasure to use. Has anybody ever
> heard of the Fairlight music computer system of the 80s? Boy would I
> ever like to have one of those... :) Yamaha had a MSX music computer
> based on the most successful synthesizer of all time - The Yamaha DX7

Well, I was going to ask about this on here at some point, but is there
anyone on the list familiar with guts of Yamaha's DX7 II-FD? A number
of years ago, one of my co-workers dumped her dead DX7 on me.

It's been dragged across the country once and stored up in my attic for
a while, until the last week or so. The initial symptoms were that none
of its buttons worked and it failed to generate any sound. Inside I
found a small and very dead battery soldered to the board which holds
the main processors and memory. After soldering in a proper battery
holder and replacing the battery, the synth lit up very happily once I
powered it on. All the front buttons seem to work, and I can choose
between the numerous available patches, but still there's no sound. At
least I'm not able to get anything out of the headphone jack or the two
audio jacks on the back of the keyboard.

Does anyone happen to have any additional adice for me or schematics
for this fellow?

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