Classic Sound Cards? (Re: Roland SCC 1 GS MIDI Card)

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Date: Mon Jan 12 15:26:46 2004

Thanks for this post. I think that the impact of early computer technology
in music is widely underestimated.
Some of the old sound cards are still very useful. And some are highly
thought after by musicians. The Roland SCC1 for example has - even by todays
standards - awesome sounds. The huge success of the hardsid card and even a
sid based synthesizer shows that a lot of music producers like the 8bit C64
"Old" Synths like the Roland D-50, the Kawai K1 or the Korg M1 still fetch
great prices on ebay and are a pleasure to use.
Has anybody ever heard of the Fairlight music computer system of the 80s?
Boy would I ever like to have one of those... :)
Yamaha had a MSX music computer based on the most successful synthesizer of
all time - The Yamaha DX7

I never heard of the E-Mu Proteus card for the Mac. Do you have more
information? What software came with the card?

Do you collect only sound cards or vintage synths as well?


on 1/12/2004 3:02 PM, Jason McBrien at wrote:

> Anyone collect antique sound cards? What would be considered a "Classic?"
> Here's my list:
> E-Mu/Digidesign MacProteus - NuBus card for Mac, a whole Proteus sound
> module on a card. One of the all time classic synthesizer modules.
> E-Mu Drumulator - Early 80's drum machine with computer (Apple II!)
> interface
> Gravis UltraSound - Enough said...
> Digidesign Samplecell - Sampler card, I've always wanted to play with one of
> these.
> Ensoniq SoundScape - Early hardware wavetable card. 68000 controlled (had to
> load the firmware from DOS before booting into Linux to get it to work) Nice
> sounding samples for it's time.
> Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16 - The old standard, now superceeded by AC'97.
> MediaVision ProAudio Spectrum - An early SoundBlaster competitor, arguably
> much better quality sound output
> My collection:
> Ensoniq SoundScape ISA - The original model
> Ensoniq AudioPCI - ES1370 model, interesting because you can use
> SoundBlaster PCI64 drivers with it, it's the same card :)
> MediaVision ProAudio Spectrum 16 NuBus - One of the first Mac sound cards,
> cool breakout box with PC joystick port
> Creative Labs 3doBlaster - 3DO game console on an ISA card. No drivers or
> anything, but it's so wierd it's cool.
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> Subject: WTB: Roland SCC 1 GS MIDI Card
>> Hello-
>> I am looking for a Roland SCC 1 GS MIDI Card. This is an 8 bit ISA card
>> that was made in 1991.
>> I had one but it no longer works.
>> Let me know if anyone has one they are willing to part with.
>> -Ken V.
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