Classic Sound Cards? (Re: Roland SCC 1 GS MIDI Card)

From: Paul Berger <>
Date: Mon Jan 12 21:01:46 2004

I've have a couple soundblaster Pro's (CT1350Bs I think), Several
variations of SoundBlaster 16, the soundblaster wavetable add-on board
for the 16, a Gravis Ultrasound PnP, a couple MS Windows Sound System
cards, and a "Game Blaster" card.

Most my SB16s are in PCs since they work well enough for modern stuff
and work with "classic" PC games that want a Sound Blaster or AdLib

I would like to have an AdLib card, but have not run into any.


On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 13:02, Jason McBrien wrote:
> Anyone collect antique sound cards? What would be considered a "Classic?"
> Here's my list:
> E-Mu/Digidesign MacProteus - NuBus card for Mac, a whole Proteus sound
> module on a card. One of the all time classic synthesizer modules.
> E-Mu Drumulator - Early 80's drum machine with computer (Apple II!)
> interface
> Gravis UltraSound - Enough said...
> Digidesign Samplecell - Sampler card, I've always wanted to play with one of
> these.
> Ensoniq SoundScape - Early hardware wavetable card. 68000 controlled (had to
> load the firmware from DOS before booting into Linux to get it to work) Nice
> sounding samples for it's time.
> Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16 - The old standard, now superceeded by AC'97.
> MediaVision ProAudio Spectrum - An early SoundBlaster competitor, arguably
> much better quality sound output
> My collection:
> Ensoniq SoundScape ISA - The original model
> Ensoniq AudioPCI - ES1370 model, interesting because you can use
> SoundBlaster PCI64 drivers with it, it's the same card :)
> MediaVision ProAudio Spectrum 16 NuBus - One of the first Mac sound cards,
> cool breakout box with PC joystick port
> Creative Labs 3doBlaster - 3DO game console on an ISA card. No drivers or
> anything, but it's so wierd it's cool.
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