Classic Sound Cards? (Re: Roland SCC 1 GS MIDI Card)

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Mon Jan 12 20:23:40 2004

> Thanks for this post. I think that the impact of early computer technology
> in music is widely underestimated.

It is underestimated, but I must say that perhaps it should be largely
ignored! Until the Japanese started making real inroads (read "DX7") into
the market, the engineering that went into the analog and early digital
synthesizers is horrible. Crack open one of the old beasts, with a
schematic in hand, and you will see what I mean.

Bob Moog himself once stated that in the old days "you could throw five
pounds of shit in a box, and if it made a sound, it would sell".

> "Old" Synths like the Roland D-50, the Kawai K1 or the Korg M1 still fetch
> great prices on ebay and are a pleasure to use.

Yes, but street price of a used D-50 or M1 is pretty affordable. Similar
"Old"* modules are really cheap - a TX816Z or a D-110 can often be had for
about $25.00.

* Old to me is pre-DX7.

William Donzelli
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