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Date: Tue Jan 13 01:47:11 2004

To the group,

I was intending to just send this to Tom but as I posted to the group instead,
I just wanted to say this. We are all trying to find these systems and after
speaking to several on their intentions and efforts, you can tell where each
person focuses their energies and what they want to achieve. More than a few
of you have websites, virtual museums, and a few, the real variety (usually
housed somewhere out of the way, cost issues, always). I don't have a great
deal of money, but like all of you I do the best I can. It takes alot of time
and patience. This is an area I focus on, but I'm not the only one. I think
systems should go the homes that treat them best, much like children. If there
is someone better, then I gladly cede to them. Didn't want to come off being
arrogant, and apologize if that's how it did. Wasn't my intent.

In 20 years, what will be left if we do nothing? I would like to open a real
museum around here, a goal but it will take time and money, the one is in
supply the other always short. I figure, that if people can't see it, in some
type of meaningful manner, interact with it, they won't appreciate it. Anyway,
if the Cosmac goes elsewhere, then just have to wait for the next one. One
day, I will find an APF Imagination Machine. I already wrote on this but it
got me into the career that I am in today. First system I ever saw. Personal
thing, but I always get the feeling I may never have a chance to find the
system, fearing this is the last one that is coming down the pike. I know
that's not true, but that's the fear, isn't it? The Elf's by the way, were the
second system I came upone, specifically the Cosmac, still remember the
advertisements. Back then it seemed computers had all the excitement and
potential, and the challenge. Not like today's 'appliances' in the stores and
over the top hype.

Anyway, thanks for reading,

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