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From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Tue Jan 13 19:08:50 2004

No offense taken by me. It occurred to me momentarily to try to
determine who would 'best' be the home for this object, but there's no
way I can determine that, and to be honest, it's not a major item. If
you would spend some seconds to imagine the possible scenarios...
highest bid? Most spam? Most upper case pleading?


On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 23:47, wrote:
> To the group,
> I was intending to just send this to Tom but as I posted to the group instead,
> I just wanted to say this. We are all trying to find these systems and after
> speaking to several on their intentions and efforts, you can tell where each
> person focuses their energies and what they want to achieve. More than a few
> of you have websites, virtual museums, and a few, the real variety (usually
> housed somewhere out of the way, cost issues, always). I don't have a great
> deal of money, but like all of you I do the best I can. It takes alot of time
> and patience. This is an area I focus on, but I'm not the only one. I think
> systems should go the homes that treat them best, much like children. If there
> is someone better, then I gladly cede to them. Didn't want to come off being
> arrogant, and apologize if that's how it did. Wasn't my intent.
> In 20 years, what will be left if we do nothing? I would like to open a real
> museum around here, a goal but it will take time and money, the one is in
> supply the other always short. I figure, that if people can't see it, in some
> type of meaningful manner, interact with it, they won't appreciate it. Anyway,
> if the Cosmac goes elsewhere, then just have to wait for the next one. One
> day, I will find an APF Imagination Machine. I already wrote on this but it
> got me into the career that I am in today. First system I ever saw. Personal
> thing, but I always get the feeling I may never have a chance to find the
> system, fearing this is the last one that is coming down the pike. I know
> that's not true, but that's the fear, isn't it? The Elf's by the way, were the
> second system I came upone, specifically the Cosmac, still remember the
> advertisements. Back then it seemed computers had all the excitement and
> potential, and the challenge. Not like today's 'appliances' in the stores and
> over the top hype.
> Anyway, thanks for reading,
> Kurt
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