Mouse doody

From: Geoffrey Thomas <>
Date: Tue Jan 13 16:07:34 2004

You're not kidding - you should have seen the mess that my wife's uncle's
cat made of their VCR , never did work properly again - lots of coils with
the varnish compromised etc. Over here I would use Safewash 2000 and rinse
with water. I'll have a look for the equivalent American product.


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Subject: Mouse doody

> Sifting through ye ol' computer shed, I brought down two alpha 255's I
> intended to combine and make one working machine.
> I was not too surprised to find that the local field mice had got inside
> case through an open pci-slot cover and had made a nest.
> I cleaned out the seeds and wadding and mouse doody, but I need to
> clean to motherboard from mouse urine.
> Any suggestions??
> I know urine can have a possible corrosive effect so I want to make sure I
> clean the MB thoroughly, before attempting to put it back together.
> Cheers,
> Tom
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