KDJ-11A won't run

From: no <oliv555_at_arrl.net>
Date: Tue Jan 13 17:07:16 2004

Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm working on what I am led to believe is a PDP-11/73 (but it doesn't
> look like one). It *was* working last week, but one of the leads had
> dropped off the console socket on the back. On resoldering, it worked
> perfectly.
> Last night, when I opened it to fit the RXV21 another lead dropped of
> (RXD this time), so again, I resoldered it. I don't think this has much
> to do with the problem.
> When I power the machine up, the 2nd-from-right status LED lights up.
>>From googling, it seems this means "SLU Error". The Run light on the
> front panel comes on for a moment, then goes back out. The green LED on
> the KDJ-11A never comes on (but I'm not sure that it ever did). All the
> cards are firmly seated.
> Unfortunately I don't have a list of all the cards fitted to hand.
>>From memory it is (might help to read this in a monospace font):
> | M8192 | Serial? |
> | full width memory card |
> | RL02 Controller |
> | ST506 | Console/ROM |
> | M8029 | |
> Can't remember exactly, or quite what the cards are (some seem to be
> third party).
> One - does this seem to be a sane layout of cards (modulo uncertainty on
> my part); and
> Two - What would cause my SLU Error, and how should I proceed?
> Thanks in advance,
> Gordon Pearce
Assuming this is a BA23 cabinet, there should be just 1 board in the
number 1 slot. The CPU. Be it quad width or dual width.

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