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From: Joe R. <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 12:22:47 2004

At 10:29 AM 1/14/04 -0700, Claude Ceccon wrote:
>Some comments on cleaning electronics which have been despoiled by
>biorchid rodents and other sources:
>Loose stuff should be removed by dusting, vacuuming or blowing off the
>offending offal.

  A word of warning here. Some offal contains infections germs and can
spread disease. Don't inhale the stuff. I'd recommend vacuuming it up
instead of blowing it around. It might be a good idea to wear a dust mask
either way.

  <big snip>

>Lastly, you should do all the above in the undisturbed privacy of your
>home. A number of years ago, a friend's salt sculpture atop his TV
>broke filling the set with the super-saturated salt solution. I told
>him to take the set out back, remove the back, and hose it out. A nosy
>neighbor asked what he was doing and he said that he was watering the
>set to make it grow bigger. He related the line to the sheriff that
>subsequently showed up. I then spent the afternoon convincing the
>psychologist that hosing down a TV was a rational act...



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