HP 2114A value??

From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Wed Jan 14 12:41:05 2004

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>> Thanks for the info. I tried to call you yesterday.
>Sorry, work has been such a royal PITA I turned my cellphone off yesterday
>and when it's on I've recently taken to not answering calls from numbers I
>don't recognize. My apologies! :\

  No problem. I do the same thing sometimes. Sometimes it's the only way to
get anything done.

>> The 2114 was one of
>> the things that I wanted to talk to you about. I have a couple of other
>> questions. How hard is it to find media for the 7900?
>Fairly difficult. I may have one or two spare we can talk trade, if you can
>find them in a real shop that deals in media, expect $140 each.

   Ouch! Can you tell me what it looks like or better yet send me a picture
or a URL to a picture. I have some old media around. I may have something
that will work.
>8) While the drive is extended, open the bottom of the drive, again, should
>be about 4 or 6 screws. With the bottom cover removed you should be able to
>see the power regulator board. On this board are some nicad batteries, I
>think about 3 or 4. Take these out and go buy new ones. They are not a
>particularly hard to find battery, batteries plus should have them. These
>batteries are what retracts the carriage if power is lost while the heads
>are loaded. You want to be very sure you have a good set, or if you trip a
>breaker or hit the power switch before the unload switch you'll be very
>sorry :)

  I KNOW what you mean! I used to repair hard dirves for Burroughs Corp and
I've replaced many a head and disk cartridge due to bad batteries.
Burroughs used Saft batteries and they're JUNK!

   That should be enough to get me started. I just wanted to be aware of
any Got-Yas.

>> What is the capacity of the 7900 drive?
>5mb. 2.5mb on the removable platter, and 2.5 on the fixed platter
>underneath. Unless you have a 7901A, which doesn't have a fixed platter in
>which case it's 2.5mb.

   Nope it's a 7900A. I didn't realize that it had a fixed disk :-) Is
there any reason I can't use it like it is (without a removeable disk)for
the time being? Are the NiCads used for the fixed disk? Is the air filter
system used for the fixed disk or just the removeable one?

>> Where do the IO cables come
>> out of the 2114? There were NO cables connected to this one. I pulled the
>> entire chassis out of the rack.
>I'm not up on the 2114. It's the same as the 2100 and 21MX, only slightly
>different :) There should be one section of the card cage for the memory
>subsystem, and another section of the card cage for I/O cards, and another
>section for the cpu cards.

  No this one appears to only have the front section of cards and they're
accessed through the top cover and not the front. It doesn't appear to have
a back section. The back appears to be occupied by a largish core memory
block on the left side and a couple of power supplies. The core memory is
in a stack and appears to be about 5" cube.

  There are no 13210 (1xxxx) type part numbers on the cards. At least not
on the handles and back edge. They're all marked on the card handles
exactly as I listed them ("A12", "A1,2", "Bffrd TTY Reg", etc).

>What I need are the part numbers off the I/O boards. This were normally
>written on the extractor handles. If not, take out the card and look for a
>number like the following format "13210-60002". The first number is the
>board type, the second number means many different things - options, field
>replacement vs. factory install, etc.

   I'll go back tomorrow and pull the cards and take a closer look.

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