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From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 12:43:26 2004

Hi, gang,

        I have an Atlantic Research 7000 series datascope that is dependent on an MFM drive to run itself. It works fine at the moment (testament to the durability of early drives, I suppose), but I would like to be able to take an image snapshot of its hard drive in case of failure.

        With that in mind, I'm starting to accumulate a small variety of MFM controllers (going for variety because I have no idea what the determining factor is going to be in which controller is able to read the drive).

        So far, I've found a WD1002-WA2 and a WD1003-WA2. I still have memories of the last and (supposedly) best MFM board that WD made, in the form of the WD1006V-MM2, but I've had no luck finding one as yet (nor do I know if I really even need one).

        Suggestions for what to go after would be greatly appreciated.

        Thanks much.

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