Mouse doody

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Date: Wed Jan 14 12:44:36 2004

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> At 10:29 AM 1/14/04 -0700, Claude Ceccon wrote:
> >Some comments on cleaning electronics which have been despoiled by
> >biorchid rodents and other sources:
> >
> >Loose stuff should be removed by dusting, vacuuming or blowing off the
> >offending offal.
> A word of warning here. Some offal contains infections germs and can
> spread disease. Don't inhale the stuff. I'd recommend vacuuming it up
> instead of blowing it around. It might be a good idea to wear a dust mask
> either way.
> <big snip>

Rat dung can have a deadly bacteria or something in it and is treated as a
hazardous waste. Using a vacuum cleaner will make sure that you will end up
breating in the dust (even a hepa filtered bag will probably not be enough
for bacteria). best bet is to do all cleaning outside while wearing one of
those masks painters wear and using 2 layers of gloves while your doing it.
Double bag anything you remove.

Call an exterminator and ask what they use when they exterminate rats and
clean up thier droppings.
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