Odd PDP-11 tape related question

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Wed Jan 14 20:33:38 2004

> > > Interesting.... BTW, the DDS1 drive I'm using is a DEC TLZ06. Any idea if
> > Hmm, wasnt the TLZ06 a DDS2 drive? At any rate, yeah, this drive
> > might very well have this "problem" .. I had it with many DDS
> > drives, might even have been a TLZ in that stack... I *do* know
> > I tested it with a TLZ04.
> >
> > > this might also be a problem with an Exabyte 8500 tape drive? It would be
> > Cant remember... only had a 8200 at the time, and cant remember the
> > results of that..
> I just decided to test a TLZ06 on my system, and it don't want to
> work. I normally play with an Exabyte 8200, and that works just fine.
> (This on a 11/84 with a CMD controller)

I managed to dig up a TZ30 and a couple TK50's last night, though I didn't
get a chance to try it. If an Exabyte 8200 works just fine, I think I might
try the Exabyte 8500, as I can hook it up to my PDP-11/23+ fairly easy
(hooking an external drive up to my /73 as I mentioned would require
rewiring the SCSI Bus). I just wish I'd thought to dig out a couple 8mm
tapes while I was digging.

BTW, what do you mean by "didn't want to work". Do you mean that it wouldn't
work at all with your PDP-11/84 and CMD controller? The TLZ06 works just
fine on my PDP-11/73 with Viking controller. It's just with RSTS/E ANSI
tapes that I seem to be having a problem.

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