Microvax III Hardware

From: jeff.kaneko_at_juno.com <(jeff.kaneko_at_juno.com)>
Date: Wed Jan 14 22:34:09 2004

The following items are available for shipping plus 15%.

With thanks to Megan's field guide:

2 M7620 KA650-BA Q MicroVAX III CPU (workstation license),

1 M7651-PA DRV1W-S Q General-Purpose DMA Interface
                            (for BA200 series)

1 M7164 KDA50-Q Q Qbus SDI disk adapter, Q22 (1 of 2) (QDA

1 M7165 KDA50-Q Q Qbus SDI disk adapter, Q22 (2 of 2) (QDA

2 M7168 VCB02, QDSS Q 4-plane colour bitmap module

1 M7169 VCB02, QDSS Q 4-plane video controller module

4 M7621-AV MS650-AA Q 8-Mbyte RAM for KA650 (MicroVAX III)

1 M7622-BP MS650-BA Q 16-Mbyte RAM for KA650 (MicroVAX III)

1 M7769 KFQSA-S Q Storage Adapter (DSSI Disk Interface),
BA200 series
1 M8634-PA IEQ11-S Q Communications Controller (IEC/IEEE)
                            (for BA200 series)

1 M3127-PA DESQA-SA/SF Q Ethernet/thinwire adapter (DELQA+DESTA)
                            with S-box handle

1 M8087-PA Q Scanner/printer to Q-bus DMA interface

Some cables are available, ask. If I don't get any takers, the whole lot
into the melter. I just don't have the place to keep them anymore. . . .


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