Field trip :)

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Thu Jan 15 17:34:13 2004

> M7270 - KD11-HA LSI 11/2 CPU
> M7944 x2 - 4K RAM
> M8027 - LPV11 driver.

Is this a small brownish box that you can reasonably lift with
two hands (or maybe even one)? If so I think I've seen one
before and they are pretty nice!

> Also several copies of the MicroVAX II diagnostic kit on RX50
> and RX33 floppies as well as (I think) most of VMS V5 on
> RX50. I don't think there's enough disks for it to be a
> complete set :-/

People keep looking for the diags and failing to find them.
If these are the customer diags, they may not be that
interesting, otherwise they will be the field service diags,
which are the only ones that can do stuff like format an
RD device from scratch. You could make yourself very popular
by firing up your nearest OpenVMS box with an RX50 and
having a go at BACKUP/PHYSICAL!

As for the VMS V5 disks: I *think* there are either 18
or 23 in the full set. I never actually had to try an
install using such a set - it must have been very painful.
Once you've taken the trouble to set up a box to back up
the diags, it would be a shame not to do these while
you are at it :-)

Probably worth recording the disk part numbers (I think
they all vary slightly so each diskette is uniquely
identifiable) in maybe the filename.

You can probably back these up with PUTR too: I've never
tried but I know that BACKUP/PHYSICAL will work (I
restored some WPS disks years ago using that method).

Antonio Carlini   
Received on Thu Jan 15 2004 - 17:34:13 GMT

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