Field trip :)

From: Rick Murphy <>
Date: Fri Jan 16 15:45:13 2004

At 06:34 PM 1/15/2004, Antonio Carlini wrote:
>People keep looking for the diags and failing to find them.
>If these are the customer diags, they may not be that
>interesting, otherwise they will be the field service diags,
>which are the only ones that can do stuff like format an
>RD device from scratch. You could make yourself very popular
>by firing up your nearest OpenVMS box with an RX50 and
>having a go at BACKUP/PHYSICAL!

I didn't know these were that rare.
I have the two sets of MDM floppies (one 4 disk set, one 6) and the TK50.
The TK50 is definitely the FS tape and I think the floppies are as well.

If there's any interest, I'll be happy to try to capture images.
I'll need something to get an image of the TK50..
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