Apple 'Star Trek'?

From: meltie <>
Date: Thu Jan 15 18:59:06 2004

On Friday 16 Jan 2004 12:43 am, Witchy wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Googling around for more info on NeXT Computer to flesh out my new NeXT
> page on Binary Dinosaurs turned up something I'd really like to get my
> paws on but I'll bet was consigned to the bin straight away - the 'star
> trek' project started by Apple to port MacOS across to Intel hardware in
> the early 90s. So far I've found that a team of engineers succeeded in
> the port, but it was canned in 1993 when Apple was moving from 68K to
> PowerPC processors and it was found to be faster on a 486.

It never got out. I've never *ever* heard of anyone having a copy.

> The same tale reminds me that I'd really like a Be Box too :)

Sheesh, tell me about it.

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