HP2000/Access - benchmarks

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Thu Jan 15 19:00:14 2004

Mike wrote....
> I have a favor to ask. Could you give us times for Access to run these HP
benchmarks. HP was kind enough to give us times for a number of other
systems, but Access was not around when these numbers were published. I
guess we should know which CPU type your Main is too.

BTEST ran in 1 Min 37.5 sec
FPTS9 ran in 1 Min 23.1 sec

Main CPU is a 2100A w/32K core

However.... I'm wondering how they got the timings listed in the source
comments? The TIM(0) function only prints minutes. This isn't helpful. So I
used a stopwatch, and timed from the "Start" message to the "Stop" message.
I could have changed the code to do this, but didn't want to change anything
that might effect the timing. Access supports TIM(4), but according to my
pocket guide F does not. I'm not sure if "different" code in the OS (the TIM
function) would have any bearing on results.

Also interesting - in a stack of papers I got from my high school years ago,
there was a benchmark printout that was run on two identical systems with
the exception that one was 2100A (Forest Park Community College), the other
was 21MX-M (St. Louis University High School). The difference wasn't HUGE,
but it was pretty noticeable. I suspect the 21MX-E would be even moreso, and
plus you have the option of several different types & speeds of memory.
Hopefully we can find out!

Anywho... that's the scoop!

Jay West
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