Apple 'Star Trek'?

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Jan 15 21:37:23 2004

>Googling around for more info on NeXT Computer to flesh out my new NeXT page
>on Binary Dinosaurs turned up something I'd really like to get my paws on
>but I'll bet was consigned to the bin straight away - the 'star trek'
>project started by Apple to port MacOS across to Intel hardware in the early
>90s. So far I've found that a team of engineers succeeded in the port, but
>it was canned in 1993 when Apple was moving from 68K to PowerPC processors
>and it was found to be faster on a 486.

I've never found anything that confirms the actual existance of said OS
version. Although personally I don't doubt for a moment that it did
(does) exist (I've just yet to see the smoking gun). I came back to the
Apple Developer world in 95 (left the Apple Developer world in the late
80's), so I wasn't in a position to know anything that the developers
might have known at that time. Although I suspect that none did know
anything or there would be more "real" info out there.

However, I do know that the later Rhapsody project did in fact take a
turn to the Intel world. They got far enough on the first version of OS X
for Intel that it was released to developers in beta (alpha?) form. I
have a copy of it, at one point I had it installed on a P-166. It ran,
but that was about all it did. I'd have to pull out my CDs of it to be
sure, but I think the date for it was around 1997 or 1998. There should
be info on this project available out there as it was no secret, it was
originally a fully planned version of OS X, although it doesn't look
anything like what OS X is now (from what I understand, its really an
Apple-ized version of NeXTStep, but haven't never personally used/seen
NeXTStep, I can't verify that).

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