Emulators of Classic Computers

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Date: Thu Jan 15 21:36:50 2004

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> > I'm reminded of someone I met briefly - years ago - who apparently not
> > only had an all-firebottle audio setup, but for the power output stage
> > was using radio-station power transmitting tubes - running class A.
> >
> > Could heat his house with it, but it was dead flat from DC clear up
> > into the megahertz. Sounds like overkill to me...
> I know some people that have done this as well, or just used an old AM
> radio station modulator. I don't know about being dead flat from DC to
> the MHz range - that was a pretty hard trick to do in the tube era even
> at smaller signal levels.
> For those that visited the old warehouse Armory a year and a half ago
> with me - one of those big racks to stuff near the loading dock was a 35
> kW water cooled audio amp. kW, not W. Used for testing sonar sets, I
> understand.
> William Donzelli
> aw288_at_osfn.org

In every hobby there is overkill, my 3 year old Technics SA-DX1040 works
fine for me and its only 100W x 5 channels
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