classiccmp outage (grave-yard shift in the data center)

From: Curt vendel <>
Date: Sat Jan 17 11:33:22 2004

You too, huh??? Yes, I noticee when going into the break room I would
spend about 2-3 minutes defrosting and getting the humming and ringing out
of my ears before I acclimated myself back to a "normal" environment :-)


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> > No kidding, heck I rarely would allow another engineer unfamiliar with
> > one of my customers sites in the cage alone when I worked at Exodus (Now
> > Cable & Wireless) a few years back, just too many ways for people to
> > screw up and you just can't take ANY chances in a live production
> > environment. Man that was a great job, nothing beats the humming of
> > hundreds of machines, there cooling fans, the airconditioners whirling
> > away, your fingers turning blue after 12 hours in the datacenter,
> > occassionally some soul when come walking past and thats like your only
> > glimpse of human life for another couple of hours.... ahhhh the good old
> > DOT COM days....
> Or, working the data center grave-yard shift (11pm to 9am.) Very quiet,
> lonely, and the only human interaction you have is when you have to wake
> one of the HVAC guys at 2:30am. Bleak. Very Bleak.
> Then around 8am, with morning breath and five-o'clock shadow, you shuffle
> your sorry ass to the kitchen for coffee, and you run into the perky young
> hotties fresh into work. They're looking their cutest, and you're looking
> your raggedy-assed and red-eyed worst. Not many dates for the grave-yard
> shift.
> I think I suffered hearing loss from working in that data center, also.
> Compaq rack servers, a couple dozen HP Superdomes, two ADIC robotic tape
> libraries, and ten or so HP400s all humming loudly under the deafening
> of the cooling fans. It was both exciting and utterly wretched.
> The funny part, in a sad kind of way, was that the Data Center was
> supposedly haunted by an unfriendly ghost. Your mind can start to play
> tricks on you at two in the morning. Did you just see a shadow dart behind
> the far Superdome? Is that a voice that you keep hearing underneath the
> noise of the data center? Why is the hair on your neck suddenly standing
> Why did the broom just fall over? Yes. The grave-yard shift in a haunted
> data center was not much fun for me, but at least I couldn't hear the foot
> steps of the ghosts creeping up behind me, and that's a good thing.
> Otherwise, I would have had to face the morning beauties with bad breath
> soiled underpants.
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