Programming 1702 EPROMs, ProLog Programmer question

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Sat Jan 17 14:38:18 2004

   I've been playing with my old Pro-Log M900 programmer this morning and
I've figured out how to duplicate 1702 EPROMs. But I haven't figured out
how to use the memory buffer in the programmer. I THINK I've figured out
how to read the buffer contents and change them but something is wrong.
When I change the contents and then try to list them, they're reset to all
FFs. Either I'm not changing them or I'm not reading them or when I switch
from edit to list they're being reset. I also haven't figured out how to
dump an EPROM to the buffer or program one from the buffer. Anybody know
how to use the M 900? I have a manual for the M 980 but it doesn't help.
The main confusion seems to be figuring out exactly what the Memory Buffer
vs Normal switch does.

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