'not well' Osborne 1 mk 2

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Date: Sat Jan 17 17:36:46 2004

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> Yes, that's what I'd do. Check the 5V line at a known chip (CPU, or a TTL
> device). In a machine of this type, there'll only be one 5V line (unlike
> in my 11/45 where there are several, from separate PSU bricks...).
> I don't know what the RAMs used are, but if they're 3-rail types, like
> 4116s, you should check the other supplies there too.

They are indeed 4116s, my comment on the glue gun was there because 3/4 of
the RAM is obscured by (I'd guess) the floppy drive connector board that is
sat in mountings glued to the motherboard. Still, I don't need to remove

> If the PSU lines look good, then check that the CPU is getting a clock
> signal. Look also for activity (changing singals) on the address and data
> lines from the CPU.

That was next on the list :) I must advance plans to sell things to let me
get a good bench PSU and 'scope - watching an electronics pro work on a
machine the other day showed just how important they are!


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