'not well' Osborne 1 mk 2

From: Antonio Carlini <arcarlini_at_iee.org>
Date: Sun Jan 18 14:52:27 2004

> That was next on the list :) I must advance plans to sell
> things to let me get a good bench PSU and 'scope - watching
> an electronics pro work on a machine the other day showed
> just how important they are!

I've scanned an Osborne tech guide that went up on the net somewhere,
but I forget where :-( Maybe whoever it was will remember. Al has
a similar one over at bitsavers.org. If you want the user guide,
I've scanned that too, but it's a 200MB+ IIRC so you'll need
plenty of ftp space handy if you want it!

Antonio Carlini             arcarlini_at_iee.org
Received on Sun Jan 18 2004 - 14:52:27 GMT

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