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Date: Mon Jan 19 08:02:06 2004

Thanks, seems like when I turned the intensity up on the CIT-101 video
terminal the error was
"checksum error NVR 00" and the error was there, even with the MINC-23 off.
NVRAM in the terminal must be bad.
I replaced the C.ITOH model CIT-101 video terminal with a DIGITAL VT-102, I
get the flashing cursor in the upper left hand corner of the VT-102 with no
errors in NVRAM , but the terminal does not talk to the MINC-23. I am not
familiar with how the MINC communicates to the terminal. I have baud rate
on VT-102 set at 9600 for both RX and TX. I do not see even an echo on my
keystrokes on the VT-102. I have no docs on the terminal or the MINC. Can I
use a PC running hyperterm or procomm to talk with the MINC? The M8012 boot
card has 5 LEDs, red,green,red,red,red and all of them are continuously
illuminated. What are the functions assigned for these LEDs?


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> Classic comp lister's,
> I have MINC-11 ( seems to be a MINC-23 in a MINC-11 box) with the

The field upgrade from MINC-11 to MINC-23 was basically just swapping the
CPU card. Sounds like somebody (not DEC failed circus?) did this and
didn't change the nameplate.

> following:
> It only has these cards inside:
> M8186 CPU
> M7506 MEM
> M8029 RX02 DISK CONT
> M8043 4510 MUX Card
> M8012 Boot Card
> This was a working unit until recently when I consistantly get
> "checksum error KVR 00" on bootup.

That doesn't sound like a DEC bootstrap message. Are you sure it's coming
from the MINC and not from whatever you're using as a terminal?

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