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From: Holger Veit <holger.veit_at_ais.fhg.de>
Date: Mon Jan 19 13:39:33 2004

On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 07:10:47AM -0800, steve wrote:
> A quick search on the web shows many venders offering
> these parts for around $2 to $3/each. Don't know if

Sure. I already phoned several ones in Europe just to find
out that the internet is quite an unreliable reference:
"Yes, we didn't update the pages for some time...no, this
circuit is no longer in stock. But we could start a query
for you. How many hundreds do you need?"
Other companies that claim to ship worldwide apparently
don't consider Germany as part of the world (I guess they
extended the axis of evil a bit).

> you consider that unreasonably expensive.

This would be okay. But take into account that it is not a really
good idea to order just a small amount of a particular circuit
as the S&H costs will be high. So, I'd rather order them together
with some other components that are just needed. Larger shops, e.g.
Farnell, RS Electronics, Jameco, to name a few, however, do no longer
have them, at least not or no longer stocked.


> --- Holger Veit <holger.veit_at_ais.fhg.de> wrote:
> >Anyone has still
> > sources (and not
> > unreasonably expensive) for 74S189 or 74F189?
> >
> > Holger
> >
> >
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