Qube (warner Amex)

From: CBurroughs_at_aol.com <(CBurroughs_at_aol.com)>
Date: Mon Jan 19 16:44:52 2004

Hello Friend,
I actually have an old Qube box in my closet. The weird thing is that it doesn't work on any other cable systems, except the old qube system.

My unit used to work when we had the qube system. Once they shut off Qube, the unit no longer works.

I remember these things from when I was a kid, that is why I have kept it.

You know much about how they work? I would like to get this one to work. I have opened the unit, but see nothing wrong that would cause it to power up and then the display goes dead.

Glad to see someone has the same interest in these old things
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