Aquarius II on eBay didn't sell at over $400

From: Witchy <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 18:54:47 2004

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> Well hang on.. surely it's legal protocol-wise for witchy to put the
> reply-to field in the header for email that he sends, even though the
> from: field is also present and valid?

Bearing in mind a lot of mailing software ignores the 'from' field and
instead uses the 'reply-to' field instead. Well, OK, for USENET anyway :)

> Isn't it a little quirky for the list software to append to any existing
> reply-to field rather than overwriting it? (which for a mailing list
> might seem more sensible).

Like I say, this problem only started happening with the last list-upgrade.
I've change nothing before or since. Jay, are you out there?

> witchy: you didn't ever run any kind of ISP's setup software on the
> machine from which you read mail do you? I've seen them bugger about
> with email settings something chronic before if you're using one of the
> MS clients to read mail.


I have a big enough problem having to run Gatesware on this machine as it
is, never mind letting some shoddily-coded outsider manipulate my settings!
:) If I could be arsed to work out how to install winduhs 2000 manually I
would, just so I could understand what horrors it goes through, though that
would probably shoo me away. I know Dreamweaver has its brickbats but it's
only that and Photoshop that keeps me running this unreliable shite. Oh, and
I've got several years' worth of past museum mails etc that are in Outlook
format so I need Outlook, unless there's an open source app that's happy
with .PST files.......

> (Curiously in Evolution if I reply to witchy's posts it goes to both him
> and the list by default. If I just say "reply to list" then it just goes
> to the list as expected. A feature that works... even though it isn't
> too useful :)

I just want to know why my posts end up as coming from me AND the list. I'm
not doing it deliberately and I know it happens to others. I'm just so used
to hitting 'reply to all' and deleting the addresses I don't need so stuff
goes straight to the list.


Adrian/Witchy - possibly the UK's biggest online computer museum - ex-monthly gothic shenanigans :o(
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