Advice on using SVGA monitor on SGI?

From: Lyle Bickley <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 19:44:48 2004


A good multisync that supports sync-on-green will be your best bet. I've got
lots of SGI and SUN systems - and that kind of monitor will work on just
about everything. You're in for a lot more hassle if the monitor doesn't do

Some Indigo and Indigo II's video options do support more standard SVGA
signals - but it's not straightforward. (The SGI hardware developers manual
has MANY pages devoted to the subject).

Sun and SGI have different pinouts for 13W3 to SVGA, so be sure to purchase or
make the correct adapters for each.

You may want to look in the archives of this list - there was a detailed
discussion of this subject (by myself and others) a month or two back.


On Monday 19 January 2004 17:13, Joe R. wrote:
> I have a SGI Indigo and Indigo II along with a pile of Sun stuff. I'm
> wondering if I can replace all the funky monitors with one modern multisync
> SVGA monitor. Anybody know of any reason that this won't work, or have any
> recommendations about what kind of video adapter I need or where to get
> one? (13W3 to SVGA).
> Joe

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