Old no-name laptop, anyone interested?

From: Charles <charlesmorris_at_direcway.com>
Date: Mon Jan 19 19:47:56 2004

I have a working "no-name" laptop (it doesn't seem to have a brand
name, just "Notebook Computer" on the label) made around 1991.
It's a 486-66 with a whopping 8Mb RAM, 540 Mb hard drive, color
LCD screen, and a PCMCIA 33.6k modem card. It's running Win95
(albeit slowly). It works just fine for email and word processing
but bogs down trying to run Web browsers (not sure if more RAM can
be added or not). The battery pack won't hold a charge for more
than a day or so, and the CMOS battery is dead, but aside from
that everything works fine. I just bought a more modern Dell used
laptop so I no longer need this "classic" ;)

Is anyone interested in purchasing it cheap? Make me an offer...

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