Aquarius II on eBay didn't sell at over $400

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Date: Tue Jan 20 07:20:38 2004

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> > would probably shoo me away. I know Dreamweaver has its
> brickbats but it's
> > only that and Photoshop that keeps me running this unreliable shite.
> I just dual-boot my main desktop, linux and win2k. I only use 2k for
> paint shop pro work (photoshop drives me nuts - way too bloated for its
> own good!) and for audio sample editing (I haven't found a decent sample
> editor for linux)

I'd forgotten about that....mmm Wavelab :) The *main* reason of course is I
actually bought all these tools back when I had money, so I'm loathe to stop
using 'em until they're not useful any more.

> outlook has (none, knowing MS). If I can get mails from outlook in plain
> text format, I can script something that'll produce a unix-style mbox
> format and I know Evolution will import that.

I think you can do that actually. Yep, you can export to a comma or tab
separated file.

> Luckily I don't need to refer to the old emails that often, but it's a
> pain having to reboot when I do - it'd also be nice to get all the old
> mail onto the server so that everything's in one place :)


> What mail server do you use? I suppose it's not impossible that your ISP
> is adding the field, although that would seem like a very bad thing to
> be doing. Setting up a different piece of mail software and seeing what

I'm doing nowt other than squirting outgoing mails direct to Demon, so it's
whatever mail software they're using. A swift telnet in doesn't tell me. As
a test I've removed the reply-to address to see if it makes a difference.

> field is appearing in private emails that you've sent to me, so sending
> to anyone you know and getting them to look at the headers would be a
> fair test I reckon.

The duplicate problem only happens to classiccmp it seems.....


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